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Immortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands Read Online (FREE)

Immortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands Read Online

Read Immortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands full novel online free here.



“I begin to think they are going to be late,” Domitian murmured, hefting his duffle bag higher on his shoulder so that the microphone hidden in his sleeve would catch his words.

“Perhaps it is a sign.” Lucian Argeneau’s voice was surprisingly clear. The earpiece they’d given Domitian was so small that it was unseen once inserted, but the sound came through loud and crystal clear. “We should scrap this now and—”

“Still trying to talk me out of going, Uncle?” Domitian asked with amusement, and then suddenly impatient, added, “I do not know why you are so resistant to my doing this. Especially with Uncle Victor, Lucern, Decker, Nicholas, Aunt Eshe, Mirabeau La Roche, and Santo Notte now among the missing. I would think with all of them having been taken—”

“That is precisely why,” Lucian growled. “This is dangerous. We have already lost several hunters, people armed and trained to handle situations like this. You, Domitian, are going in there unarmed, and you are not a hunter.”

“True, but I was a warrior once. I can handle myself,” Domitian argued. “Besides, none of your hunters were invited, I was.”

“Yes, but was it because you are a chef and Dressler wants you to work for him? Or because you are an immortal he wants to add to his collection?”

“I told you. He does not know I am an immortal,” Domitian said slowly and firmly, stressing each word. They’d had this conversation several times already, but it seemed they would have it again. “If Dressler knew, he could have taken me at any time. He has been a regular in my restaurant for five years. He obviously does not know.”

“Or perhaps he did not wish to kidnap an immortal so close to home,” Lucian countered. “It might have led us straight here to Venezuela.”

Domitian shifted impatiently at the suggestion. “One immortal missing in Caracas would hardly have brought you here when so many have gone missing in the United States.”

“Perhaps. Or perhaps we would have—”

“Is that helicopter headed this way?” Domitian interrupted, raising a hand to shield his eyes from the sun as he watched the vehicle approach. It was flying low and seemed to be headed straight for where he stood at the base of the large dock . . . which was where he’d been directed to wait for his ride. He’d expected a boat, but—

“Are those pontoons?” Lucian asked sharply in his ear.

Domitian knew that Lucian and the others wouldn’t have as good a view from the small boat where they waited farther along the docks. On top of that, they were staying out of sight in the small cabin in the bow, which had only tiny windows that were glazed and screened. Their view would be highly obscured compared to his.

“Yes. The helicopter has pontoons,” he confirmed, his gaze on the skids with the floatation devices affixed to them. It was fitted out to be an amphibious helicopter so that it could set down on water or land, which made Domitian suspect that this was his ride. Apparently he wasn’t the only one to think that, he realized, wincing as a loud curse sounded in his ear.