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It’s a Wonderful Wife (Sinclair Brothers, #3) by Janet Chapman Read Online (FREE)

It's a Wonderful Wife (Sinclair Brothers, #3) by Janet Chapman

Read It’s a Wonderful Wife (Sinclair Brothers, #3) by Janet Chapman full novel online for free here.



Jesse stole a quick glance at the dash of his pickup in hopes the navigation device knew where it was, because he sure as hell didn’t. Forget that he hadn’t met any cars since turning onto the winding, narrow road half an hour ago; the power lines had stopped at the last house he’d passed some eight miles back. He checked his right-hand outside mirror only to see the tires on the camper were barely staying on the asphalt, and wondered what had made him think leaving Route One while hauling a forty-foot-long fifth-wheel had been a good idea.

At least he had a place to sleep if he didn’t reach civilization by nightfall. He’d be going to bed hungry, though, because he had planned to stock his cupboards in Castle Cove tomorrow morning before loading the camper on a barge for its short voyage to Hundred Acre Isle. But the farther down the desolate road he drove, the more it looked like he might have to reschedule, all because he hadn’t been able to wait two days to get a look at the house he was having designed.

Not that Stanley Kerr, of Glace & Kerr Architecture, was expecting him today. But rather than reassuring Jesse that everything was right on schedule, the vague drawings of a very modern kitchen Stanley had emailed him three weeks ago had only fueled his impatience. So instead of getting the camper settled on the island and backtracking over an hour on Friday, he’d decided to cut across to Whistler’s Landing this afternoon on the chance the architectural model he’d commissioned had arrived a couple of days early. But even if it hadn’t, he could at least see the preliminary plans the model builders would have used, and maybe talk Stanley into giving him a copy. That way he could spend the week studying the layout while imagining he was sitting on his new porch overlooking the Gulf of Maine—which he’d be doing this time next year if everything stayed on schedule—and decide on any changes he might want to make.

Jesse had purchased the island that sat three nautical miles offshore of Castle Cove the very day he’d set foot on it late last summer. He’d then spent the next six months traveling from New York to Maine to look at houses and interview homeowners before settling on an architect he was confident could give him the state-of-the-art yet unpretentious home he wanted. Hundred Acre Isle was to be his sanctuary from the corporate world, the place his children would run free every summer, his . . . Rosebriar. But where his grandfather’s sprawling estate north of New York City had been Abram Sinclair’s deliberately pretentious testament to his love for Grammy Rose, Jesse had decided to build before finding the woman of his dreams.

That is, assuming such a paragon even existed.

Because despite his grandfather’s best efforts, Jesse had become an expert at dodging all the marriage-minded women the scheming old wolf had constantly thrown in his path. But seeing how wedded bliss appeared to agree with his two older brothers, he’d started worrying he might in fact be missing out. And since both Sam and Ben had found the women of their dreams in Maine . . . well, maybe the state could pony up one more Sinclair bride.