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Memories of Tomorrow by Dean Koontz Read Online (FREE)

by Dean Koontz Genre: Fiction Mystery Series: Nameless

Memories of Tomorrow Read Online

Read Memories of Tomorrow (Nameless #6) by Dean Koontz full novel online for free here.


On this August day in Indiana, in a confusion of past and future, catastrophes will and will not be averted. Many innocent people will be spared from certain death, but others will remain dead.

The morning begins for the man without a name when he wakes at six fifteen from a deep sleep on a motel bed in the town of Corydon. Each night he falls asleep within one minute of resting his head on a pillow; each morning he awakens at the time that he predetermined when he went to bed the night before. This is one of his gifts.

An unknown benefactor has given him other, more impressive gifts, including the erasure of his memory. Many would consider amnesia a curse or an affliction. Nameless intuitively knows that having no past is, in his case, a blessing, for he can remember no cause for regret or remorse, or guilt, or sorrow, or despair.

He is thirtysomething; but his life began little more than two years earlier, when he woke in a seat aboard a Gulfstream V jet, the only passenger, fully aware of—and comfortable with—his amnesia. On waking, he knew that his destiny was henceforth to be a defender of the innocent who are ill served—or not served at all—by the current justice system, especially when their tormentors are among the empowered. His task is to visit appropriate consequences upon murderers, and bring truth into the lives of those who thrive on lies and deceit. On that aircraft, back in the day, he woke fully aware of the details of his first mission, which he completed with success and satisfaction.

Maybe this suggests that he is programmed, and perhaps in a way he is, but that doesn’t mean he’s a machine. If cut, he bleeds. If tickled, he laughs. If poisoned, he’ll die. He has eyes, dimensions, senses, affections, passions. If wronged, he will have his revenge.

This morning, after he showers, he opens a locked suitcase that was in the motel room closet when he arrived the previous evening. It contains a Kimber Pro Carry 9 mm with two eight-round magazines, a Galco shoulder rig for the gun, a combat knife in a leather sheath, the latest generation night-vision goggles, the clothes he’ll need today and tomorrow, an electronic key to a Lincoln SUV, thirty thousand dollars in cash, his favorite make of electric razor, a toothbrush, toiletries, and a driver’s license in the name of Alan Grofield.

In the interest of traveling fast, he travels light. Everything he needs is always waiting when he arrives at his destination. When he moves on, he leaves everything behind for others to collect.

The rental Ford sedan that he drove from the private-aircraft terminal in Indianapolis to this motel in the town of Corydon has been taken away during the night by whoever left the Lincoln for him. The less continuity regarding the vehicles he uses, the more missing links there will be in the chain of evidence if ever one law-enforcement agency or another recognizes a connection between these missions and seeks to investigate him.