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Misadventures with My Ex by Shayla Black Read Online (FREE)

Misadventures with My Ex Read Online

Read Misadventures with My Ex (Misadventures, #21) by Shayla Black full novel online for free here

Chapter One


 Los Angeles



“If that son of a bitch hadn’t given in to his case of cold feet, I would be on a beach somewhere—like Bora Bora or Bali or Barbados. Why do all the best beaches start with a B?”

As I look through the small, airy apartment, I can’t see the woman who slurs the words, but I’d know Eryn Hope’s voice anywhere.

“I would be soaking up the sun, enjoying my life, and glowing from multiple orgasms because, even though Weston Quaid is a total bastard, he was always amazing in bed.”

My former fiancée’s younger sister, Echo, stands in the open door, wincing. “You didn’t hear that.”

Though I’d rather not be here, and I probably should have come equipped with a steel-girded jockstrap and a shield to protect myself from what I suspect will be a shit fight, I can’t not grin. “Not a word.”

“But nooo. I’m getting romantic with Ernest and Julio Gallo. They don’t give orgasms.” Eryn huffs. “Hey, if that was the pizza guy who rang the doorbell, bring me a slice, will you? I need something to soak up this merlot.”

“Eryn is just…having a bad day,” Echo murmurs.

Because life in general has been rough or because, if things had ended differently, my former fiancée and I would be celebrating our third wedding anniversary tonight?

“I understand.”

Truthfully, today has sucked for me, too. I’ve avoided thinking about the significance of this date since I woke up. Too many what-ifs and memories. Since I walked away from Eryn, I’ve fought a gritty, ugly uphill battle. It’s almost over. I seem to be winning now…but along the way, I’ve taken terrible losses.

“Maybe you should go.” Echo begins to close the door. “She’s not exactly sober.”

I wedge my foot past the threshold. “Waiting isn’t an option. I need to see your sister tonight. It’s business.”

Echo frowns. “What business could you two possibly have? Eryn won’t want to see you now. Maybe not ever.”

I’m not surprised. Or deterred. “I—”

“Pizza?” A teenage kid wearing a collared shirt with a well-known chain’s logo dashes up the stairs, an insulated carrier balanced on his palm.

I take out my wallet and pay the guy, tipping handsomely so this interruption will go away.

“Thanks!” the high schooler calls over his shoulder as he runs back down the steps.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Echo insists, cash in hand.

“I’d like to deliver this to your sister personally. Alone.”

Echo hesitates. She’s usually free-spirited, funny, and easy-breezy. Once, we shared a good camaraderie. Not surprisingly, that’s gone. Hell, I’m shocked she’s speaking to me at all.

As usual, she’s dressed as if she belongs in a granola commercial. Today, it’s braids and flannel, cargo shorts, knee socks, and hiking boots. She’s an original. But she’s also fiercely protective of both her older sisters, just as they’re protective of her.