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Mission Critical (Gray Man, #8) by Mark Greaney Read Online (FREE)

Mission Critical (Gray Man, #8) by Mark Greaney

Read Mission Critical (Gray Man, #8) by Mark Greaney full novel online for free here.



COURTLAND “COURT” GENTRY (AKA THE GRAY MAN; CODE NAME, VIOLATOR): CIA contract agent and former CIA employee, former member of Special Activities Division (Ground Branch) and the Autonomous Asset Program

MATTHEW HANLEY: Deputy Director of Operations, CIA

SUZANNE BREWER: Senior Officer, Programs and Plans, CIA

ZOYA FEODOROVNA ZAKHAROVA: Former SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence) officer

DIRK VISSER: Luxembourg-based banker

WON JANG-MI (AKA JANICE WON): North Korean virologist and intelligence asset

VLADIMIR BELYAKOV: Russian oligarch

CHARLIE JONES: Nottingham-based crime boss

ANTHONY KENT: Nottingham-based criminal

ALEXI FILOTOV: Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) officer

ZACH HIGHTOWER: CIA contract agent, former CIA Special Activities Division (Ground Branch) team leader

WALT JENNER: CIA Special Activities Division (Ground Branch) team leader

CHRIS TRAVERS: CIA Special Activities Division (Ground Branch) officer

LUCAS RENFRO: Deputy Director of Support, CIA

MARIA PALUMBO: Senior Executive, Operations, CIA

MARTY WHEELER: Assistant Deputy Director of Support, CIA

ALF KARLSSON: Executive, Operations, CIA

DAVID MARS: London-based businessman

FEODOR ZAKHAROV: Former director of the GRU (Russian military intelligence), father of Zoya Zakharova

ARTYOM PRIMAKOV (AKA ROGER FOX): Russian mafia (Bratva) Vor (made man)

JON HINES: Bodyguard to Roger Fox

SIR DONALD FITZROY: London-based security consultant (retired)



The flight attendant standing at the top of the jet stairs slipped a hand behind her back and threaded her fingers around the grip of the pistol tucked under her jacket. Thumbing the safety down, she eyed the figure approaching confidently from the darkness beyond the lights illuminating the tarmac and wondered if she should go ahead and pull her weapon.

There was just one unknown subject in sight, so she’d settled on the handgun, but she had other defensive options available to her here in the Gulfstream IV executive jet. If there had been more threats she could have grabbed the loaded Colt M4 hanging by its sling in the coat closet next to her, and if things looked really dicey, she also had an M320 single-shot, 40-millimeter grenade launcher within reach.

The approaching man wore a black ball cap and a gray T-shirt under a dark brown jacket. He walked with purpose, but there was no obvious menace to his movements. Still, the copilot leaned out of the cockpit, a look of concern on his face.

“Is this our guy, Sharon?”

The flight attendant kept her eyes on the man as she replied. “If it is, he has trouble following directions. Our passenger was instructed to approach from the terminal, but this joker is coming out of the dark near the fence line.”

“You want us to move the aircraft?” The engines were spinning; the Gulfstream had been ordered to land here in Zurich and wait at idle on the tarmac for a single passenger to board.

Sharon said, “Negative. If this guy starts any trouble, I’ll handle him. Just strap in and be ready.”

“Say the word and we’re outta here.” The copilot returned to his controls.