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Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian F. Love Read Online (FREE)

Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian F. Love

Read Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian F. Love online for free here.

The Response

It was 6:30 in the evening. Lucas was just getting home from a long day’s work and was ready to unwind for the evening. Before he walked in the house, he let his dogs out of the garage. The weather had been dreadful the past week—every day below thirty, which was odd for Texas, but particularly Houston.

The weatherman’s forecast had been for about twenty degrees warmer than it actually was, but Lucas, being a native of the city, wasn’t really surprised that the forecast had been that far off.

AccuWeather, my ass, he thought as he petted his oldest dog, a full-blooded black lab named Nightcrawler. He’d taken a liking to the dog because of his jet-black coat when he found him as a pup at a shelter. Lucas, being 5’11” with a comparable dark-chocolate complexion, found the dog similar in nature to himself—compassionate, playful, and intelligent. He knew they’d get along once he named him Nightcrawler after The X-Men comic book character, and he wasn’t wrong. The two had been great companions ever since.

On the other hand, Mika, his newest dog, had been abused by her previous owner before Lucas found her at the same shelter. Lucas had yet to win Mika’s affection, but decided to leave her to her own devices until she finally came around in her own time.

As he slipped his key into the lock, his cellphone rang. Looking at the caller ID brought a big smile to his face. “Hey, you! How you doing?”

A soft, sensual voice on the other end responded, “Hey, baby! You home already?”

The world around him became warmer the moment Lucas heard Nichelle’s voice. “Yeah, I’m home. How was work today?”

“You won’t believe what happened,” Nichelle replied. “You know that crazy lady I’m always telling you about? Well, you won’t believe what she had the nerve to say to me today!”

Smiling on his way to the kitchen, Lucas said, “Oh, boy! I can’t even begin to imagine what Ms. Patrice has going on.”

Lucas took off his coat and turned on the kitchen light as Nichelle dove into her story—one Lucas knew all too well. Ms. Patrice had been working on Nichelle’s nerves for the past year or so. She complained about everything from the other employees to why she wouldn’t eat cantaloupe, but Patrice’s current focus was on the recently ended review process—and Patrice was pissed. Not only was she upset, but she wanted everyone to know, especially Nichelle.

Nichelle continued. “So Patrice was just leaving my desk, and our coworker, James, was behind her as they walked into the kitchen, right? Now, you’d think the woman would hold the door open for him because he had both hands full, but this heifer slams the door in his face! When I asked her why, she was like, ‘I’m a lady, so he should always open doors for me!’”