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Play of Passion by Nalini Singh Read Online (FREE)

Book Cover

Play of Passion Read Online

Originally published: November 2010
Author: Nalini Singh
Preceded by: Bonds of Justice
Followed by: Kiss of Snow
Genres: Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal romance, Paranormal Fantasy

Read Play of Passion by Nalini Singh full novel online free here.


In alphabetical order by first name

Key: SD = SnowDancer wolves DR = DarkRiver leopards


Abel Riviere SD soldier, father of Indigo and Evangeline

Andrew Kincaid SD tracker, brother of Riley and Brenna

Anthony Kyriakus Psy Councilor, father of Faith

Ashaya Aleine Psy member of DR, former Council scientist, mated to Dorian

Ben SD pup

Brace SD juvenile

Brenna Kincaid SD tech, mated to Judd, sister of Andrew and Riley

Devraj Santos Director of the Shine Foundation, one of the Forgotten (Psy who dropped out of the PsyNet over a hundred years ago and intermarried with the changeling and human populations)

Dorian Christensen DR sentinel, mated to Ashaya

Elias SD soldier, mated to Yuki, father of Sakura

Evangeline (Evie) Riviere SD, sister of Indigo

Faith NightStar Psy member of DR, cardinal F-Psy (foreseer), mated to Vaughn, daughter of Anthony

Ghost Psy rebel

Hawke SD alpha

Henry Scott Psy Councilor, husband of Shoshanna

Indigo Riviere SD lieutenant, daughter of Abel and Tarah, sister of Evangeline

Joshua SD juvenile

Judd Lauren Psy member of SD, lieutenant, mated to Brenna, uncle of Sienna, Toby, and Marlee

Kaleb Krychek Psy Councilor

Lara SD healer

Lucas Hunter DR alpha, mated to Sascha

Lucy SD, trainee nurse, assistant to Lara

Matthias SD lieutenant

Max Shannon Human, Nikita’s security chief, married to Sophia

Mercy Smith DR sentinel, mated to Riley

Ming LeBon Psy Councilor

Nikita Duncan Psy Councilor, mother of Sascha

Riaz SD lieutenant

Riley Kincaid SD lieutenant, mated to Mercy, brother of Andrew and Brenna

Sascha Duncan Psy member of DR, cardinal empath, mated to Lucas, daughter of Nikita

Shoshanna Scott Psy Councilor, wife of Henry

Sienna Lauren Psy member of SD, sister of Toby, niece of Judd and Walker

Silvia SD juvenile

Sophia Russo J-Psy, works for Nikita, married to Max

Tai SD, novice soldier

Tarah Riviere SD, mother of Indigo and Evangeline

Tatiana Rika-Smythe Psy Councilor

Teijan Rat alpha

Walker Lauren Psy member of SD, father of Marlee, uncle of Sienna and Toby

Xavier Perez Human priest



The Psy have been pure, have been Silent for over a hundred years, their emotions conditioned out of them until a wall of ice separates them from the world. Passion and love, hate and sorrow are no longer things they know, except as weaknesses of the emotional human and changeling races.

But as winter thaws into spring in the year 2081, change is more than a whisper on the horizon. Too many powerful Psy have defected, too many are breaking conditioning, and too many fractures riddle the Net.

Some say it is inevitable that Silence will fall.

And some will kill to hold it.



Indigo wiped the rain off her face, clearing it for a split second, if that. The torrential downpour continued with relentless fury, slamming ice-cold bullets against her skin and turning the night-dark of the forest impenetrable. Ducking her head, she spoke into the waterproof microphone attached to the sodden collar of her black T-shirt. “Do you have him in your sights?”