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Raelia (The Medoran Chronicles, #2) by Lynette Noni Read Online (FREE)

Raelia (The Medoran Chronicles, #2) by Lynette Noni

Read Raelia (The Medoran Chronicles, #2) by Lynette Noni online free here.


“Introducing their Royal Majesties, King Aurileous and Queen Osmada Cavelle.”

Alex watched from the corner of the palace’s grand ballroom, catching her first glimpse of D.C.’s parents as they descended the gold-lined staircase.

King Aurileous was tall and intimidating, but even from where Alex stood she could tell he had a kind face with prominent laughter lines. His eyes were warm as he scanned the sea of cheering people and his smile made her feel relaxed despite the overwhelming atmosphere.

Queen Osmada seemed, in a word, lovely. She was beautiful, with her dark auburn hair, and her smile was even more calming than the king’s.

Alex’s attention was diverted when her best friend appeared at the top of the staircase and the room fell silent as everyone gazed upon their princess.

“Presenting Her Royal Highness, Princess Delucia Cavelle.”

The cheers were deafening as D.C. walked gracefully down the staircase to stand beside her parents, her lavender-coloured gown sparkling silver wherever the light touched it.

Both the king and queen reached across to kiss D.C. on the cheek before her father stepped forward to address the crowd.

“Beloved friends, we thank you for joining us in celebration of our daughter’s seventeenth birthday. This is a momentous day for her and we are thrilled to share it with you,” King Aurileous said. “Now please, eat, drink, dance, and be merry as we revel in this special occasion.”

As if the end of his speech was an invisible cue, the orchestra hidden in the balcony above the ballroom immediately began playing an upbeat melody. The guests proceeded to move about and make pleasant conversation, while Alex stood awkwardly on her own as she waited for D.C. to make her way through the crowd.

Glancing around, Alex marvelled at her surroundings. She wondered if she should pinch herself to see if she truly was standing in the royal palace of Medora’s capital city, Tryllin, when just a few short weeks ago she’d had no idea how to sort out her mess of a life. That was because, as far as her parents had known, Alex had spent most of the previous school year at the International Exchange Academy just outside Portland, Oregon. In reality, she’d actually been stranded for eight months in the fantasy world of Medora, attending Akarnae Academy—a school for teenagers with extraordinary gifts.

Alex was supposed to have spent her summer coming up with an excuse to leave Earth—or ‘Freya’ as it was known to the Medorans—so she could return to Akarnae when it reopened in the fall. But when she’d arrived back home for the holidays, her parents had been waiting for her, along with a dizzying assortment of federal agents.

Apparently the International Exchange Academy had finished classes a week earlier than Akarnae, and her parents had returned from their Siberian sabbatical in time to greet her. When Alex hadn’t shown up, they’d contacted the school and discovered that she’d never enrolled as a student there. This news had sent them straight past panic mode and directly  into full on hysteria. Their daughter had been missing for the better part of a year and they’d had no idea. Cue the plethora of police, private investigators and federal agents all on the hunt for their lost teenager.