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Remember Our Song by Emma South Read Online (FREE)

Remember Our Song Read Online

Read Remember Our Song: A Billionaire Romance by Emma South (Our Song, #1) full novel online for free here.

Chapter 1

A regular holiday is hard to organize when your husband is Jeremy Holt.  He never sought out fame, it was just inextricably linked to fortune, which Jeremy had in abundance.  He founded his first company at the tender age of sixteen, which he sold in his early twenties for a couple hundred thousand dollars.  With that money he formed his second company, which ended up selling for a couple hundred million.

Things only went up from there and, as I brought my eyes up and to the left from my white-knuckled grip on my armrests, I felt his innate confidence flow into me like we had some kind of magic link.  He had that way about him, in the business world he dominated every meeting and negotiation he went into, making people nervous, confident or pliable as he wished, and finding solutions to problems that others didn’t think of.  ‘Playing the game’ he called it, and he was a world champion.

Looking at him, you would have thought that he’d been born flying a helicopter.  Although that would have made for a somewhat difficult birth, it would have explained the self-assured pressing of buttons, flicking of switches and the authoritative responses to air traffic control, or whatever the Greeks called their version of it.

I still felt like I was living in a fairy tale sometimes, my whole life was in a downward spiral when I met him.  I honestly think he saved me from myself, that’s why he was my J-man, my own personal super hero.  After a rocky start, one thing led to another and before I knew it we were married.

I wouldn’t have said being the wife of a billionaire was hard in any traditional sense of the word, but it definitely presented some challenges.  Take this holiday for instance.  When I was growing up I never dreamed that I’d ever have to deal with paparazzi, but now they were a semi-regular intrusion in my life.  We’d had to travel the world by plane, train, automobile and now private helicopter, send out fake itineraries, fake flight plans, fake hotel bookings and wear huge sunglasses at every port, airport and public place we touched down in.

All that was just to get this far, to have something resembling a regular holiday.  We were almost there though, the Greek island of Agistri was only a twenty minute helicopter flight from Piraeus, and we were almost there.  Jeremy glanced over at me and flashed a big grin, I couldn’t help but smile back. Despite the fact that we were in the final stage of our run from the media, he had chosen to keep his ninety-nine cent 1980s style mirror-finish sunglasses on.  All they needed was a reflection of a mountain range in them to complete the look and it would have been perfect.

The sunglasses, purchased at a gas station by Jeremy’s driver, Stan, all the way back in L.A, chose that precise moment to have one of the lenses fall out.  Somehow he managed to keep a straight face while I doubled over laughing.