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Royals (Royals, #1) by Rachel Hawkins Read Online (FREE)

Royals (Royals, #1) by Rachel Hawkins

Read Royals (Royals, #1) by Rachel Hawkins online free here.

Ever since Prince Alexander of Scotland was spotted with the blond American beauty, we’ve been nuts for all things Ellie! But do you know everything about this maybe-princess-to-be? We bet at least a few of these will surprise you!

Eleanor Winters may have the same la-di-da accent as her boyfriend, but she was born in Florida to British parents!

Clearly a love of the spotlight runs in the family since Ellie’s dad was once a musician and her mom writes mystery novels set in Ellie’s very own cozy small town.

Born on September 9, our Ellie is a Virgo (no jokes about how princes only marry virgins)!

Valedictorian, National Merit Scholar, and captain of her local swim team, Ellie has clearly been overachieving since forever! Hmmmm, not seeing any crowns on that list, though. But why be a prom queen when you can be a REAL queen!

Ellie attended the très exclusive University of the Isles in her boyfriend’s home country—one day to be his kingdom—where she studied English literature!

Her favorite color is blue, as you can probably see from some of the killer outfits she’s worn!

For the past year, Ellie has been working for a small press located in Edinburgh, editing children’s books about Scottish history. Maybe brushing up on some lessons for herself?

A vegetarian since the age of twelve, Ellie has Prince Alexander—a longtime outdoorsman—giving up some of his old hobbies, like fly-fishing and hunting! (Something that has made her not too popular with certain members of his circle, we hear!)

While “Eleanor Winters” is definitely a fancy—dare we say regal?—name, Ellie’s middle name is the decidedly less posh “Berry”! Apparently it’s a family joke!

Or maybe plant life is just really popular in the Winters household—Ellie has a seventeen-year-old sister named Daisy!

Chapter 1


“Some old lady just called me the c-word.”

I glance up from the magazine I’m paging through. Isabel Alonso, my best friend and fellow cashier at the Sur-N-Sav, leans back against her register and snaps her gum. Her dark hair is caught up in a messy braid, black against the green of her apron.

“Just now?” I ask. The store is more or less deserted, which has been the case since the giant Walmart opened up on the other side of town, so Isabel and I are the only cashiers working today. I haven’t had anyone in my line in over an hour, hence the magazine. Still, I can’t believe I was absorbed enough to miss something actually exciting—if super rude—happening.

Isabel rolls her eyes. “It’s my fault the price of sour cream went up.”

“That seems fair,” I tell her with a solemn nod. “You are a fabulous dairy heiress, after all.”

Isabel turns back to her register, punching buttons at random. “We have got to get new jobs, Daze. This is humiliating.”

I don’t disagree, but when you live in a small town in north Florida, your options are kind of limited. I’d wanted to get a job at the library last fall, but that hadn’t worked out—no funding—and one summer of helping out at Vacation Bible School had cured me of the desire to work with little kids, which meant babysitting or working part time at the local preschool was out. So it was all Sur-N-Sav all the time.