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Stud Muffin by Lauren Landish Read Online (FREE)

Stud Muffin by Lauren Landish Read Online

Read Stud Muffin (Irresistible Bachelors #4) by Lauren Landish read online for free here.


Hannah – A year ago . . .


The chimes of wedding bells are like a golden symphony to my ears. If I ever have a wedding, I want it to be as beautiful as this one, I think to myself. The stunning hall on the edge of the sea, the whole place bedecked in white and gold—it’s like a true fairytale wedding. I smile as I watch my best friend, Roxy Price—excuse me, Roxy Stone—having a blast with her new husband, Jake. They are just too cute together. I might have been wrong about them at first. I was too caught up in stupid office politics shit, but looking at them now, I know the truth. They’re perfect, made for each other. It makes me want to reach for my camera.

“Now Mary Jo, I don’t give a single fuck about what the doctors say. If I want to get out there and show these kids a thing or two about how to rodeo on the dance floor, then I’m going to do it!” Roxy’s grandmother, Ivy Jo, says. “You know, it was these hips that got you into the world!”

I laugh as I wistfully take in the dynamics of Roxy’s family. They’re foul-mouthed, even more than Roxy, and Ivy Jo, in particular, has zero filter on expressing her opinions. I love them all, and I wish I had more people like them in my life.

My skin pricks when I feel eyes on me and turn my head. The man looking at me leaves my heart skipping in my chest as I take in his magnificence. The feeling of his sea-green eyes feasting on me has my blood rushing through my veins, and I feel myself flush, smiling without even thinking.

God, he’s fucking handsome. I almost feel like he’s familiar. Something about him . . . he looks like someone I know. I can’t really focus, though, as he smiles at me, the kind of smile that says he takes what he wants. There isn’t a question of yes or no because nobody says no to him. The way he’s looking at me, my body is already tingling, and I feel like I might just give in to him now if he asks.

He keeps throwing looks at me, and I try to look away, not letting on to what he’s doing to me. The music changes, and I’m pretending to be preoccupied with Roxy’s joyous twerking in her wedding dress when I hear a deep voice behind me.

“Hello, lovely lady.” I nearly swoon at the sound of his voice. It seems to reach right through my ear and to my stomach, where I feel a tight ball of desire form. I swear his voice is smooth like honey. I want to drown in it.

I turn around and my heart flares. He’s even more gorgeous close up, and I recognize him. He’s related to Roxy’s brother-in-law, Oliver. They’ve got the same eyes.