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Submission is Not Enough by Lexi Blake Read Online (FREE)

Submission is Not Enough by Lexi Blake Read Online

Read Submission is Not Enough by Lexi Blake online free here.




Grand Cayman


“Kill her.”

Theo heard the words of his CO, but he hesitated. His heart was thumping in his chest, but it was an oddly pleasant rhythm. Adrenaline flooded his system, making him hyper-aware of everything going on around him.

He’d done the impossible, gotten through all the security to save his boss. Tennessee Smith had been his full-time boss at one point and now he was also a friend. The ex-CIA agent had recruited him out of the Navy and then led him straight to McKay-Taggart and this mission.

Unfortunately it had gone haywire and Ten had been captured, and now looked worse for the wear. It was up to Theo to get him out and save the mission.

If he could pull this off, no one would look at him like the littlest Taggart ever again. He wouldn’t be in the shadow of Ian or Sean. He wouldn’t merely be Case’s baby brother. He was well aware of the fact that while there were only a few minutes between him and his older brother, everyone considered Case to be the badass. Theo was the sweet one, the one everyone worried might not be fully capable of handling himself in the field without big brothers looking out for him.

He didn’t want to be the sweet one. He wanted Erin to look at him like she did Case. Like he was competent and not just some himbo she’d allowed into her bed. Some kid she would dump when she found a real man.

Fuck, he loved her and he was going to prove to her that he was worthy.

But first he had to decide if he was going to follow Tennessee Smith’s order.

Hope McDonald was some kind of crazy scientist, and it was obvious she was the reason for Ten’s extremely bad day. He’d been captured by her father, and it looked like the senator had been doing some experiments of his own. In torture. Ten could barely walk. He’d begged Theo to run and take the rest of the team with him, but Taggarts didn’t leave their men behind. Even when they were surly and difficult.

Still, standing there and aiming right at the blonde’s head, he had to wonder how far he could go. “She doesn’t have a gun.”

“That bitch doesn’t need one.” Ten’s lips were dry, his voice cracking out of his mouth.

Dr. McDonald’s well-manicured hands came up. “Theo won’t kill me. He’s a gentleman. You should move. Father’s men will attack from behind and the Chinese will come up the road.”

Theo stared at her, knowing precious seconds were flying by. She was an odd duck. It was obvious she’d had a thing for him back in Dallas. Was that why she was helping him out now? He’d never done a thing to encourage her. Since the moment he’d seen Erin, he hadn’t looked at another woman. He’d known that crazy redhead was the only one for him. “Why would you tell us anything?”