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Submit by Melody Anne Read Online (FREE)

Submit by Melody Anne Read Online

Read Submit (Surrender, #2) by Melody Anne full novel online for free here


Chapter One

Rafe sat there, unmoving, as Ari continued toward the open door of his jet. A chill traversed the length of his spine and his throat tightened — surely the thudding of his heart couldn’t be fear. He stiffened slightly, but only to keep his body from betraying his reaction. If she were to walk out the door, onto the tarmac, and out of his life, he wouldn’t stop her.

He knew she wanted him, knew it wouldn’t be a hardship for her to stay. Any use of force was out of the question. Much as he wanted her submission, he’d gone as far as he ever would with this game; the chase was over.

Ari held all the cards — she just didn’t realize she was in control. He wouldn’t keep her mother’s home or business from her. They were just bargaining chips.

Rafe’s only real power was in Ari’s not knowing if he was as ruthless as he’d claimed. He’d proved himself a callous adversary — he only hoped she didn’t call his bluff.

When Ari suddenly stopped, Rafe’s heart skipped a beat. Slowly, she turned, flames leaping from her eyes. She was stunning in her fury, and his body awoke with the overwhelming need to take her, claim her as his own.

Did she really have a choice?

No — and now they both knew it. They both knew that Ari couldn’t let her mother down. If Sandra left the hospital only to find that she had neither a home nor a business, that Ari had been compelled to sell them during her mom’s long and terrible illnesses, both women would be devastated.

“You realize I will forever despise you, right?”

“I don’t need your affection — only your submission,” he replied with the slightest tilt to his lips. Confidence now emanated from his whole being as he watched her make her decision.

She was his!

Without another word, Ari lifted her head high and began the short walk to the back of his jet — straight to his bedroom. Excitement pooling inside him, Rafe rose from his chair, his senses tuned in to the soft sigh of her shoes as she moved before him.

He turned to tell his pilot they were ready — the doors could now be shut — then he followed Ari into his room.

Anticipation made him almost unsteady as he circled her. They had only a few things to settle and then she was his for the taking. The long anticipated wait had been worth it, if his body’s reaction was any indication. Her eyes caught his every movement and he liked the uncertainty she was trying so valiantly to hide.

“Come here and sit,” he commanded her.

A slight smile lifted the corners of her mouth as she began her slow approach. Yes, he’d always known she’d make a good submissive. Still, disappointment filled him at how easily she was bending to his will. If he managed to break her so soon, would he enjoy her nearly as much? Part of her appeal was her defiance.