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The Enforcer (Untamed Hearts, #3) by Kele Moon Read Online (FREE)

The Enforcer Read Online

Read The Enforcer (Untamed Hearts, #3) by Kele Moon novel online for free here.

Chapter One

Broadway, New York

November 2014

The lights reflected off the rain-drenched streets, blurring out in a haze as Brianna stood there, blinking heavy-lidded eyes, and fought the exhaustion.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come out with us? You never have fun anymore.”

Brianna turned to her friend Aaron, who was lithe, fit, and good-looking in a blond, Iowa-farm-boy type of way. He’d landed a solid gig in Chicago, working as swing and understudy, largely because Brianna had put in a good word after landing one of the title roles as Roxie. They’d been on a run for the past year and a half, and Aaron didn’t look nearly as tired as Brianna felt.

Maybe she was getting old.

Though, at twenty-five, she was supposed to be on top of her game.

“I love you, baby,” she said rather than answer as the rain beat against her umbrella. “Have fun for me.”

Aaron sighed and looked to the young, handsome black man standing next to him. Darren was twenty at most, still excited with the bright lights of the city and likely enthusiastic in bed if Aaron’s general happiness with life over the past several months was anything to judge by.

The two of them kindly offered to walk her out, despite the rain, though they didn’t seem to mind getting wet.

“Are you okay?” Darren narrowed dark eyes at her. “Brianna—”

“Just tired,” she answered before he could go on, because Darren was suspicious in a way Aaron wasn’t. “So tired.”

“We have a couch,” Darren said slowly. “I mean, it’s a shitty couch, but it’s still a safe place.”

“Thanks,” she said with a grin and then held up her hand when she spotted the cab. “I’m serious. Have fun without me.”

“We only get one dark day a week, Bri.” Aaron’s voice was whiny. “At least have a few drinks.”

“My bed and I, we have a date.” She used her best acting skills to flash him a dazzling smile as the cab pulled to a stop and splashed water onto her sneakers and jeans. It didn’t matter. They were just clothes she’d slipped on after her last show. “I’ll text you.”

“Don’t forget.” Aaron opened the door for her, and Darren took her umbrella as she crawled in.

“Many texts,” she promised and accepted the umbrella Darren closed for her. “Don’t get into too much trouble without me.”

“Darling, we plan to get into loads of trouble,” Darren assured her. “Why do you think Aaron wants you to come out so badly? To keep us honest.”

She laughed. “I gave up on that long ago.”

They both kissed her cheek, and Darren reminded her once more about the couch before she closed the cab door and gave the driver her address. On good days she lived close enough to walk to work, so the cab ride was short. It gave her just enough time to text her best friend Carina.