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The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz Read Online (FREE)


The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye read online
The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz

Originally published: 2017
Author: David Lagercrantz
Preceded by: The Girl in the Spider’s Web
Page count: 347
Genres: Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Publishers: Norstedts förlag (Sweden), Quercus (United Kingdom), Alfred A. Knopf (United States)


LISBETH SALANDER an elusive, exceptionally talented hacker and mathematical genius, tattooed and with a troubled past, driven by a need for justice – and vengeance.
MIKAEL BLOMKVIST a leading investigative journalist at Millennium magazine. Salander helped him to research one of the biggest stories of his career, about the disappearance of Harriet Vanger. He later helped to clear her of murder and vindicate her in a legal battle over her right to determine her own affairs. Sometimes nicknamed “Kalle Blomkvist”, after a boy detective who appears in several novels by Astrid Lindgren.
ALEXANDER ZALACHENKO also known as Zala, or his alias Karl Axel Bodin. A Russian spy who defected to Sweden and was protected for years by a special group within Säpo. He was the head of a criminal empire but also the father of Lisbeth Salander, who tried to kill him for the violent abuse of her mother. Ultimately he was finished off by Säpo.
RONALD NIEDERMANN Lisbeth Salander’s half-brother, a blonde giant impervious to pain. Salander arranged for his murder.
CAMILLA SALANDER Lisbeth’s troublesome twin sister, from whom she is estranged. Known to be linked to criminal gangs and thought to live in Moscow.
AGNETA SALANDER Lisbeth and Camilla’s mother, who died in a nursing home at the age of forty-three.
HOLGER PALMGREN Salander’s former guardian, a lawyer. One of the few people who knows Salander well and whom she trusts.
DRAGAN ARMANSKY Salander’s former employer, the head of Milton Security. Another of the few she trusts.
PETER TELEBORIAN Salander’s sadistic child psychiatrist. Chief prosecution witness in Salander’s incompetency trial.
IRENE NESSER a woman whose Norwegian passport has fallen into Salander’s hands, allowing Salander to assume her identity when convenient.
ERIKA BERGER editor-in-chief of Millennium magazine, a close friend and occasional lover of Blomkvist.
GREGER BECKMAN Erika Berger’s husband, an architect.
MALIN ERIKSSON managing editor of Millennium magazine.
CHRISTER MALM art director and partner at Millennium magazine.
ANNIKA GIANNINI Blomkvist’s sister, a defence lawyer who has represented Salander.
HARRIET VANGER scion of a wealthy industrial family, who disappeared as a girl and was found by Blomkvist and Salander at the behest of her great-uncle, Henrik Vanger. She became a shareholder in Millennium.
SVAVELSJÖ M.C. a thuggish motorcycle gang closely associated with Niedermann and Zalachenko. Some of its criminal members have in the past been seriously injured by Salander.
HACKER REPUBLIC a coalition of hackers, among whom Salander, who goes by the handle “Wasp”, is the star. Includes Plague, Trinity and Bob the Dog.
SÄPO the Swedish security police, which harboured a secret faction known as “the Section” dedicated to protecting Zalachenko.
JAN BUBLANSKI chief inspector with the Stockholm police, headed the team investigating the Salander case. Known as “Officer Bubble”.
SONJA MODIG a police inspector who has for some years worked closely with Bublanski, along with CURT SVENSSON, AMANDA FLOD and JERKER HOLMBERG.
RICHARD EKSTRÖM the prosecutor who brought the case against Salander, now chief prosecutor.
PROFESSOR FRANS BALDER an exceptional scientist and mathematician, murdered for the story he was about to publish with Millennium magazine. AUGUST, his supremely gifted, autistic son, is rescued by Salander from Camilla’s criminal associates and, together with his mother, HANNA, taken abroad for his protection.
ANDREI ZANDER a young and talented journalist on Millennium magazine, murdered by Camilla.
FARAH SHARIF professor of computer sciences, fiancée to Jan Bublanski.



Holger Palmgren was sitting in his wheelchair in the visitors’ room.