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The Highlander’s Promise by Lynsay Sands Read Online (FREE)

The Highlander's Promise Read Online

Read The Highlander’s Promise (Highland Brides #6) by Lynsay Sands online for free here.

Chapter 1


Aulay noted the horror in his youngest brother’s voice and felt his mouth twist with bitter humor. But, continuing toward the door to the hunting lodge, he merely growled, “That’s what I said, Alick—fishing. I told ye I was coming here to relax.”

“Aye, but I thought ye meant . . . relax, like . . . relaxing.”

“Ye mean drinking and wenching and such,” Aulay suggested dryly.

“Aye,” Alick agreed eagerly.

“Nay.” Aulay opened the door, allowing sunshine to cascade into the room. He then turned to face his brother, and drew away the long length of hair that he usually let drape over the ruined side of his face. He wasn’t surprised when Alick swallowed and shifted his gaze away from him to the room at large. Aulay was sure the bright glare of sunlight merely highlighted the ugly scar that cleaved the side of his face.

“I’m no’ interested in an aching head from drinking, or the irritation o’ giggly bar wenches who shriek like babies when they see me face,” he growled as he let the hair fall back into place. “I came to relax. Fishing relaxes me. ’Tis why I had the hunting lodge rebuilt close to the ocean after the fire, instead of where the original stood.” Shifting his feet, he glanced out the door and then back before saying, “You’re welcome to come do ye wish it. Otherwise, ye may as well return to Buchanan. For there will be no wenching or drinking here.”

Alick didn’t bother to hide his disappointment, but shook his head. “Fine, fishing it is then.” Starting forward, he added, “But I’m no’ staying the full two weeks with ye if all we’re doing is fishing. A couple o’ days, mayhap.”

“As ye like,” Aulay said with feigned disinterest as he headed out of the lodge. But, in truth, he was glad the lad didn’t plan to stay long. He’d wanted to come on his own anyway. He always preferred to be alone when his black moods struck, and they always overtook him this time of year. Tomorrow was the anniversary of the battle that had taken his twin brother’s life, and gifted him with the scar that had ruined his own. Aulay knew from experience that melancholy would soon drop over him like a cloak, and hang on him for a good week or two. It was why he’d planned this trip. He preferred to be alone to deal with his dark humors. His family tended to interfere and try to make him feel better. But, all they really managed to do was add to his misery by making him feel guilty for causing them worry.

“Fine. Where are we going fishing then?” Alick muttered, following him out of the lodge.

“The ocean,” Aulay said dryly. “Where the devil do ye think I’d take ye to fish?”

“Oh. Right,” Alick murmured.

“Right,” Aulay agreed, and shook his head as he walked to where his horse was tethered with his fishing gear already waiting. He’d gathered fishing rods, nets and the other items they’d need and affixed them to his saddle while waiting for Alick to wake.