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The Love Killings (Detective Matt Jones #2) by Robert Ellis Read Online (FREE)

The Love Killings (Detective Matt Jones #2) by Robert Ellis

Read The Love Killings (Detective Matt Jones #2) by Robert Ellis full novel online for free here.


“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

—Mark Twain



The Love Killings is an experiment for me as a writer in the sense that it’s an actual continuation of City of Echoes, Detective Matt Jones’s first murder case. A lot of loose ends were still in play at the end of that first thriller, and I enjoyed every one of them. But now six weeks of story time have passed—the chase is on—and The Love Killings is off and running. While it may not be necessary to have read City of Echoes first (and yes, several twists and turns from the first novel are openly discussed in the second), the two novels back-to-back deliver something more than I could have ever wished for or even imagined. I hope you love reading these two novels as much as I loved writing them.

Sleep loose,

Robert Ellis



Matthew Trevor Jones wanted to kill his father . . .

He had been thinking about it every day for the past six weeks of his recovery, just as he was thinking about it now at 2:00 a.m.

Like most nights since the shooting, he had trouble getting to sleep. But tonight he had a reason more palpable than the pain echoing from his wounds or even the ghosts and demons making their late-night visit to his bed.

He was sitting outside on the back deck, keeping an eye on the wildfire climbing up the hill on the south side of Potrero Canyon Park. Firefighters were on the ground, driving the wall of flames upward, while a second crew was on top of the ridge, protecting the homes and pelting the foliage with water the City of Angels could hardly spare.

Holy water. That’s all the city had left these days.

On a clear night, Matt’s small home on the north peak provided a view that stretched from Santa Monica and Venice Beach all the way east across the basin to the tall buildings downtown. Tonight, the smoke was too thick to see through, just a mushroom cloud billowing into a sky without stars or planets or even a moon.

He looked back at the fire, still thinking about killing his father. He knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do—the only thing to do—and that the longer he waited, the greater the chance his father would hire another lowlife like the late Billy Casper to put a bullet in his head.

Although Matt had kept what he learned about his father’s intentions to himself and filed it away as “personal business,” although Matt had appeared to be cooperating with the detectives investigating his case, in the end he told them nothing because he didn’t need to. The name Billy Casper turned out to be a dead end, a false identity that remained a mystery. Matt knew for a fact that his father had hired the man to kill him. And in a bad moment, a moment when Matt’s guard had shut down, Casper almost succeeded with that worn-out .38 of his.