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The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel Read Online (FREE)

The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel Read Online

Read The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall Trilogy) novel online for free here.




The recently dead

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England.Her supposed lovers:George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, her brother.Henry Norris, chief of the king’s privy chamber.Francis Weston and William Brereton, gentlemen in the king’s circle.Mark Smeaton, musician.         The Cromwell household

Thomas Cromwell, later Lord Cromwell, Secretary to the king, Lord Privy Seal, and Vicegerent in Spirituals: that is, the king’s deputy in the English church.Gregory, his son, only surviving child of his marriage to Elizabeth Wyks.Mercy Prior, his mother-in-law.Rafe Sadler, his chief clerk, brought up within the family: later in the king’s household.Helen, Rafe’s wife.Richard Cromwell, his nephew, married to Frances Murfyn.Thomas Avery, household accountant.Thurston, chief cook.Dick Purser, keeper of the guard dogs.Jenneke, Cromwell’s daughter. (Invented character)Christophe, a servant. (Invented character)Mathew, a servant, formerly of Wolf Hall. (Invented character)Bastings, the bargemaster. (Invented character)   The king’s family and household

Henry VIII.Jane Seymour, his third wife.Edward, her infant son, born 1537: heir to the throne.Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond: Henry’s illegitimate son by Elizabeth Blount; married to Mary Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.Mary, Henry’s daughter by Katherine of Aragon: excluded from the succession after her parents’ marriage is declared invalid.Elizabeth, Henry’s infant daughter by Anne Boleyn: excluded from the succession after his second marriage is declared invalid.Anna, sister of Duke Wilhelm of Cleves: Henry’s fourth wife.Katherine Howard, maid of honour to Anna: Henry’s fifth wife.Margaret Douglas, Henry’s niece: daughter of the king’s sister Margaret by her second husband, Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus; brought up at Henry’s court.William Butts, physician.Walter Cromer, physician.John Chambers, physician.Hans Holbein, artist.Sexton, known as ‘Patch’: a jester, formerly in Wolsey’s household.       The Seymour family

Edward Seymour, eldest son, married to Anne (Nan) Stanhope.Lady Margery Seymour, his mother.Thomas Seymour, his younger brother.Elizabeth, his sister, widow of Sir Anthony Oughtred, later married to Gregory Cromwell.            Politicians and clergy

Thomas Wriothesley, known as Call-Me-Risley, Clerk of the Signet: former protégé of Gardiner, later attached to Cromwell.Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, ambassador to France: formerly Cardinal Wolsey’s Secretary, later the Secretary to the king, displaced by Cromwell.Richard Riche, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Court of Augmentations.Thomas Audley, Lord Chancellor.Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.Robert Barnes, a Lutheran cleric.Hugh Latimer, reformist Bishop of Worcester.Richard Sampson, Bishop of Chichester, a canon lawyer and conservative.Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham, formerly Bishop of London.John Stokesley, conservative Bishop of London, associate of the executed Thomas More.Edmund Bonner, ambassador to France after Gardiner, Bishop of London after Stokesley.John Lambert, reformist priest, convicted of heresy and burned 1538.         Courtiers and aristocrats

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.Henry Howard, his son, Earl of Surrey.Mary Howard, his daughter, married to Fitzroy, the king’s illegitimate son.Thomas Howard, his half-brother, known as Tom Truth.Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, old friend of Henry, widower of Henry’s sister Mary.Thomas Wyatt, friend of Cromwell: poet, diplomat, supposed lover of Anne Boleyn.Henry Wyatt, his aged father, an early supporter of the Tudor regime.Bess Darrell, Wyatt’s mistress, formerly a lady-in-waiting to Katherine of Aragon.William Fitzwilliam, later Lord Admiral and Earl of Southampton: initially an ally of Cromwell.Nicholas Carew, prominent courtier and supporter of Mary, the king’s daughter.Eliza Carew, his wife, sister of Francis Bryan.Francis Bryan, known as ‘the Vicar of Hell’, an inveterate gambler and undiplomatic diplomat: brother-in-law to Nicholas Carew.Thomas Culpeper, gentleman attending the king.Philip Hoby, gentleman attending the king.Jane Rochford, lady-in-waiting, widow of the executed George Boleyn.Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire, father of Anne Boleyn and George Boleyn.Mary Shelton, cousin of Anne Boleyn and former lady-in-waiting.Mary Mounteagle, lady-in-waiting.Nan Zouche, lady-in-waiting.Katherine, Lady Latimer, born Katherine Parr.Henry Bouchier, Earl of Essex.         The household of the king’s children