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The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel Read Online (FREE)

The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel Read Online Free

Read The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel online free (full book) here.

The Wisdom of the Ages


At 17: You chafe in frustration. When are you going to be an adult and treated like one? At 18? It feels like never.

At 27: Your 20s are so annoying! Now you’re finally an adult. No one takes you seriously. Will turning 30 finally convince them?

At 39: Is life over? Does life begin at 40, or end at 40? Or does youth end at 40? Is the best part over or just beginning? It’s up to you now. You have the winning cards in your hand—play them!

At 56: Is everything waning? Your career, your looks? Where are the men, the opportunities, the jobs, the excitement? Is it really over or is there time left? How much time? How much can you still do and have and be before you turn 60? And what then? There might still be one-third left! Enjoy it!

At 92: You have figured it out or are still working on it. You know what matters, you’re not confused. Every moment counts. You know who you want to be with, you recognize true beauty. You are wiser and more creative than ever. You exude an inner beauty so powerful that you are beautiful on the outside. You’re alternately gentle and fierce. You know the answers and share them fearlessly. You have the wisdom of the ages, the humor of a lifetime. You are brave to have come this far. And now, onward to 100 without stopping or faltering or slowing down. You wear your age like a crown and are to be learned from, and loved, celebrated, and envied. We worship at your feet.


Chapter 1


Pennie Jackson had just finished her junior year at one of the best private high schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. It prepared its students for admission into the finest colleges in the country, and required a high standard of academic excellence. Community projects and additional activities were encouraged to strengthen their college applications. As a result, the list of colleges they got into was impressive.

Pennie had turned seventeen in December and would be entering her senior year in the fall. Her boyfriend, Tim Blake, had just graduated two weeks before. With Tim leaving for college at the end of August, Pennie wasn’t looking forward to senior year. They’d been dating for almost three years and it was going to be lonely without him. He’d been accepted at Stanford, in California. He’d had top grades, perfect board scores, had been captain of the basketball team, and had worked as an intern for a senator in Washington, D.C., in the summer for two years in a row.

Pennie and Tim had been dating since her freshman year, and she couldn’t imagine her daily life without him. In spite of their serious relationship, they had both remained diligent about school, sports, extracurricular activities, and maintaining their grades. Pennie had volunteered with children at a homeless shelter since freshman year, and had created and run a toy drive for them every Christmas. She loved kids and they all loved her. She never missed a Saturday at the shelter.