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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

Tessa flops onto Lauren’s bed, settling herself amongst the fluffy white pillows and thumbing through her phone.

“Who are you stalking?” Lauren asks. I think she’s kidding though.

“Eli.” Tessa exhales, slamming the phone face down. “I need someone else to stalk.”

Lauren’s seated at her desk chair finishing off an email when she swivels in my direction. “Anyone you want to stalk? Tessa is amazing. She can find out anything about anyone. Just give her a name and she’ll give you their entire life story in less than ten minutes. I’m serious.”

I smirk, glancing down at my recently-manicured hands. I had my first gel manicure this week. It was forty dollars plus a tip, but the girls both said they swear by these and the nail technician promised they’d last three weeks. Lauren picked the color—taupe.

“Actually,” I say. “This guy in my art history class asked me what I was doing this weekend.”

Lauren’s jaw falls. Tessa’s too.

“Wait, what? When were you going to say something? What’s his name? What did you tell him?” Tessa sits up.

They’re glued to me. This is major news and their eyes dazzle, like they’re happy for me, like they’re living vicariously through me.

“His name is Brent Miller,” I say. My chest flutters when I think about the way he looked at me today. Completely captivated. The feeling was mutual.

Tessa is already on her phone and Lauren scoots her chair closer.

“What’d you tell him? Did you say yes?” Lauren asks.

“Holy shit. He’s fucking hot.” Tessa flashes her screen in our direction. It’s his student ID photo, which she promptly found on the Tiger Paw Portal. “He’s a graphic design major. Wonder if Thayer knows him? And he’s a junior. From Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Living in the Keystone Campus Apartments. Here’s his number.”

I bite my lip. “He already gave me his number.”

Lauren jumps in her seat. “Call him! Call him right now.”

Their nervous energy is mingling with mine. I’m sure if I called him right now I’d be a bumbling, stuttering, stammering mess. I couldn’t possibly be smooth with these two staring at me with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

“Guys, you’re making way too big of a deal out of this,” I say, half chuckling. “I told him I’d think about it. He gave me his number. I don’t want to seem desperate.”

“Good point.” Tessa points at me before looking at Lauren. “She’s right. She should play hard to get. Make him work for her.”

Lauren releases a contemplative breath, sinking back into her rolling chair. “Yeah. Agree. Call him next week.”

I’ve never had a boyfriend, much less gone on a date, but I won’t tell them that.

“I’m so excited for you, Meadow,” Lauren adds. “Maybe we could double date or something?”

“We should,” I say, maybe a little too enthusiastically. But the idea of a double date and having some of that pressure taken off me sounds amazing. I’m still new at this stuff.