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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

“You just seem a little distant lately,” I say, glancing down at my plate like I’m sad. “Maybe I’m imagining it.”

Tessa laughs, reaching across the table to swat my hand. “Oh my god. Meadow, you had me so nervous for a second.”

I laugh, shadowing her body language. “So, I didn’t do anything?”

“Of course not.” She sits up straighter. “I had mid-terms and a paper to write and …”

She rattles on. One excuse after another. They seem convincing, but that isn’t hard to do.

“I miss your memes,” I say. We share a giggle. “Did you ever ask that guy out from your chem class?”

The air is lighter, the mood lifted.

This is what girls do.

We stab each other, we dress our wounds when we’re done, and we ignore the scars that remain.

“I didn’t ask him out,” she says, as if her lack of courage is embarrassing. “Guess I’m still hung up on Eli.” Tessa reaches for her water, silent for a few beats. “I just want what Lauren and Thayer have, you know?”

I lift my drink. “Amen.”

“They’re just perfect together.”

“Aren’t they?” I sip. “How long have they been together now?”

The longer I can keep her talking about them, the more likely she’ll be to let something slip.

Her brows meet. “I have no idea. A year? Maybe more? You’ll have to ask her.”

“Can I ask you something?” I lean in closer. She follows suit. “Lauren always says he’s possessive, but I think he seems nice. He doesn’t … do anything to her, does he? I know sometimes people can act one way when they’re around someone new and then act a certain way around other people. Didn’t know if maybe he’s always on his best behavior around me?”

Tessa’s face hardens and then relaxes. “He likes her a lot. I think sometimes he can be intense, but she’s a big girl. If he ever crossed a line, she’d kick him to the curb. Don’t think for one second Lauren isn’t in the driver’s seat of that relationship.”

“Okay.” I smile, as if I’m relieved. “I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t … doing anything to her. As a friend, you know? I worry sometimes.”

“Of course. We all do.” She takes a drink of water. Her tempura chicken is half gone. “I’d be the first to kick his ass if he pulled anything with her. I’d make my brothers drive all the way here from South Dakota, baseball bats in hand.”

She chuckles, but I read between the lines. She’s affirming her position as #1 friend. But lucky for her, I’m not bidding for that position. I just want answers.

“How did they meet? Lauren and Thayer?” I sense that we’re running out of steam here. She’s yet to so much as hint that there might be a load of dirty laundry between those two.

“Mickey’s maybe?” She lifts a brow. “We met him one night when we went out. That’s all I remember. We were probably doing a pub crawl. Yeah. Last St. Patrick’s Day I think?” Tessa pushes her plate a few inches forward. She’s already finished eating. Or maybe she’s done with this conversation. “Why are you asking me so many questions about them? Why not just ask Lauren?”