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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

Rhonda’s mouth draws into a slow side-smirk. “These are my personal notes. Everything’s being recorded.”

She points to the ceiling, where a microphone hangs from a loose tile.


“Okay, so you said the two of them had a contentious relationship,” she says, reading her notes. “Did you ever witness any physical altercations? See any markings or bruises?”

“No,” I say. “But Thayer kind of … stalked her from time to time. She’d mentioned that to me. So did her friend, Tessa. He once showed up at our place because he didn’t see her car at the barre studio. He knew when she worked out. He had her schedule memorized.”

“It’s not uncommon to memorize your significant other’s schedule,” she says, as if I didn’t know. “Did he ever harass her while he ‘stalked’ her?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Technically stalking includes harassment,” she says. “Did Lauren ever tell him to stop following her?”

“I’m sure. They fought all the time. Breaking up, getting back together,” I say. “I witnessed it firsthand a couple of times.”

“It happens.” She chuckles, shaking her head. “Sounds like my daughter and her boyfriend.”

This isn’t funny.

“I think we’ve got all we need,” she says, pushing herself up and hunching over the table. She checks the black and white clock on the wall.

“I was just getting started,” I say, retrieving my phone. “Look. Look what he sent her this morning. It’s cryptic.”

Peering through the bifocal section of her glasses, she reads the message. “You can’t infer anything from this.”

“Okay, but you don’t understand the rage, the hatred I saw in his eyes when I told him about Lauren and Bristowe,” I say. “And now Bristowe’s dead and Thayer’s offering his condolences? And don’t you think it’s odd that I saw Lauren and Reed together and then hours later he’s dead? What if Thayer was following them?”

“We’re going to look into him,” Rhonda says with a sigh. She acts like she’s doing me a favor, like I’m inconveniencing her. And I get it. I know I didn’t come here with hardcore, irrefutable, tangible evidence. I understand I presented her with a theory rooted in assumptions and pure speculation. But every shred of me knows Thayer had something to do with it.

He’s the only one who would’ve wanted to hurt the two of them. Physically and emotionally.

“Thanks for coming in, Meadow,” she says. Rhonda reaches into her pocket and hands me Lee Caldwell’s card. “Lee will be in touch with you if he has any questions.”

Rhonda walks me out to the lobby of the police station before waddling over to the receptionist and stealing a piece of candy from a bowl on her desk. The thought of going home makes my stomach heavy, and I start to tremble, erratically. Like I’ve been doing all day. I can’t control it. It’s like the fear and anxiety and shock are all bubbling to the surface, trying to get out.

Getting into my car a minute later, I silence the radio and let the engine warm.