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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

Emily frowns. “I think you’re confused.”

She doesn’t think I’m confused—she thinks I’m crazy. I see it in her eyes, in the way she’s been taking tiny steps away from me like I wouldn’t notice.

“I moved out in early December,” she says. “And Silver Hill Properties owns that house. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They own three-fourths of the rentals in Monarch Falls? Billboards everywhere you look?”

“Silver Hill?”

“Check the assessor’s site,” she says. “Silver Hill is the property management company, and they’re owned by Janet Silver-Hill and Robert Hill. Trust me, I used to be a fact-checker. I know these things. And now that I think about it, I remember they said they had someone lined up for January. That’s the only reason they let me out of my lease early. Someone was moving in on the seventh, a week before classes started. Don’t ask me why I remember that.”

“It’s just … I moved in there … and the girl said she’d lived there for years and never had a roommate,” I say.

“She lied.” Emily shrugs. “People lie all the time about stupid stuff for no reason. Anyway, is that all you wanted to ask me?”

I nod. “Yeah. Sorry for all the freaking out. I’m just … trying to piece some things together.”

“Check the assessor’s site,” she says as she steps out of her office. I move out of the way and she closes the door. “That’s what I’d do. And then call the property management company. They won’t be able to give you names, but if you ask the right questions, you might find what you’re looking for. I speak as a veteran journalist.”

She gifts me with a wink before strutting down the hall, her chunky heels clunking on the tile.

Taking a seat on a nearby bench, I slide my phone out of my bag and search 47 Magpie Drive on the Monarch Falls Assessor’s page. Sure enough, Emily was right. Silver Hill Properties is the listed owner. Jay and Suzette Wiedenfeld are nowhere to be found.

I call the front office of Silver Hill next.

“Silver Hill Properties, this is Samantha. How can I help you?” a pleasant voice answers.

“Hi, I’m interested in one of your properties,” I say as cordially as I possibly can. Heat flashes through my body and I’m trembling again. Little earthquakes that won’t stop. “47 Magpie Drive is the address.”

“Sure. Two seconds.” The click of keys in the background are followed with, “Okay, found it. All right, 47 Magpie Drive is currently in contract through July thirty-first of this year. I’d be happy to arrange a tour for you if you’re interested? Or I can have someone call you with some similar options. Is there something specific you’re looking for? Or what did you like about it? The neighborhood? Forest Hills is one of our more popular locations. It’s great for families too. Very quiet. Safe.”

“Can I let you know?” I ask.