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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

How do I tell her the police think I had something to do with her husband’s murder? How do I explain that he was cheating on her, I knew about it, and I never told her? A true friend would’ve said something, but I only ever wanted to protect her.

Resting my forehead against the steering wheel, I kill the engine and step out onto the paved walkway to the back door. It’s late now, the house is dark, and Elisabeth is probably in bed. The doctors gave her a light sedative, something safe for her to take to help her sleep. And that’s all she’s been doing. Sleeping the days away. She told me when she’s asleep, it’s the only time she can be with Reed. When she wakes up, it’s like he died all over again.

Twisting my key in the lock of the back door, I tiptoe inside, kicking off my shoes and maneuvering through the darkened kitchen. Not only does this house feel like death, it looks like death too.

I fix myself a sandwich and a glass of juice, eating at the island.

I’m going to have to tell Elisabeth, at least before the police do. I don’t want her to find out that way, and I want a chance to explain myself. She’ll probably kick me out, but I would too. It’s going to hurt knowing that I kept this from her.

There’s enough money in my account to get me by through the end of summer if I spend carefully, but if I can’t land a short-term rental, I’m going to have to stay at a hotel, and that’s going to eat through everything I’ve got left.

I’ll end up right back where I was. Broke and homeless.

Everything I own in my backseat.

Finishing my supper, I pad upstairs, passing Elisabeth’s door. The flicker of TV light illuminates the bottom, but it’s hard telling if she’s awake or not. Either way, Reed’s funeral is almost here and I’m not going to bother her with this yet.

In two days, she buries her husband.

The day after that? I’ll tell her everything I know.



Elisabeth wakes at a quarter past three in the morning. I know because I hear the hum of the water pipes, the soft scuff of her swollen footsteps up and down the hall.

I also know this because I haven’t slept since my head hit the pillow. There’s too much adrenaline coursing through me from Caldwell’s interrogation, too many unanswered questions. At this rate, I might as well stay up the rest of the day. Anything is better than lying here, wallowing in a puddle of the unknown.

Climbing out of bed, I decide to check on her, see if she needs anything. I’m sure Reed’s impending funeral is weighing heavy, filling her every thought.

But she has me.

I’ll get her through this.

The two of us—together.

Padding down the dim hallway, I find her door closed and the flicker of TV light at the bottom—same old—only the sound of her voice rises above the drone of the infomercial playing in the background.