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The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent Read Online (FREE)

When I contacted the landlord last month to see if there were any cheaper units available I could move to, he told me he had a tenant looking to sublet one of her rooms. He stressed to me that they normally didn’t allow this, but it was his niece and he was making an exception as a favor to her parents.

“If you’re not hungry, that’s cool,” Bethany says, taking the spot beside me on her sofa. She’s got this mid-century modern kind of vibe going on in here. Clean lines, zero clutter, and mixed metal accents. She’s completely obsessed with Mad Men and anything vintage. Her bedroom looks like a page out of a 1958 issue of Good Housekeeping and her closet is stocked with enviable, hard to find pieces from eras past. I’m convinced her entire life could be filmed with a Super 8 camera and no one would question its authenticity.

“No, I’ll go.” I pause the episode of Mad Men playing on the TV. She convinced me to start watching it last week. Now I’m three seasons in and hooked like a fish. “Is Monteverde in the West Loop okay? I’ve been craving their gnocchetti.”

“You had me at Monteverde.” Bethany twists her fingers around the string of pearls hanging around her neck and then grins. She’s quirky and fun. Nothing like Lauren. What you see is what you get with her—at least from what I can tell. She works as an art teacher in a local public school and her personality is simply infectious. Everybody loves her and with good reason. She’s always happy, smiling.

I’m lucky to call her my friend.

Rising, I head to my room to freshen up, first slicking on two coats of the matte “Betty Draper Red” lipstick Bethany recommended for me the other week. When I’m done, I check my reflection in the mirror, smoothing the creases of the floral, tea-length dress we found at a vintage thrift shop yesterday. Slipping the matching Jackie O-style coat over my shoulders, I fasten the button at the top and give myself a final once-over before running my hands along the shiny blonde curls that stop just above my jawline.

I’m missing something …

Fishing around in my jewelry box, I retrieve a pearl necklace just like my roommate’s and fasten it around my neck.

There. Now I’m perfect.