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The Resolution of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen Read Online (FREE)

The Resolution of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen Read Online

Read (Coincidence series) The Resolution of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen online free here.


#103 Outrun Your Demons.









My father’s words scream from behind me like a ghost as I race around the track. I can’t outrun them, escape them, hide from them. My feet pound against the dirt as my lungs tighten in my chest, my entire body dripping with sweat even though it’s barely fifty degrees and I’m wearing shorts. My pulse is pounding, my limbs aching, begging me to stop. That it’s enough.

But nothing ever feels like enough.

I can’t outrun him.

His voice.

His words he drilled in me.

I want to be free from it. Free from him. My mom. My past. The years of abuse. What I want is my resolution. But to get it, I need to let go and I can’t let go when everything is so unknown.

I don’t know where he is – what he’s doing. If he’s alive. Dead. If he’s sorry for what he did. And I might never know. Just like I might never be able to let go.

So all I can do is run.

Until I can no longer breathe.

Until my limbs can no longer move.

Until my heart stops beating.

Until maybe his voice will disappear.


Chapter 1

#101 Jump on the Bed. A Lot.


Wintertime is beautiful. Snowflakes tumbling from the sky and swirling through the air. They remind me that the world is always changing, that people are always changing, that I’m always changing. This reminder is what keeps me happy, moving forward in my life, letting go of what happened with Caleb, and living my life for the future. A future that is filled with endless possibilities.

Despite my positivity, I do feel like something has been missing from my life lately, but I can’t figure out what it is exactly. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it might be good. Like sadness and pain perhaps. Or possibly that I’m moving more freely through life than I ever have. Or perhaps I’m just looking for something to explain this strange, new, liberating feeling residing in my heart, because the past seems so distant now. The person who hurt me has vanished and even though there was no resolution for what he did to me, I feel like my inner demons connected to him – what he did – have been resolved. Yes, the memories are still there, scarring my past, but they don’t define me anymore.

And I feel … well, happy.

I want us to share with Kayden, because he seems a little sad lately. Not like how he was before, though. No, he’s much better than he was a year ago when I met him in the clinic that horrible day, the place where he was sent because nurses and doctors thought he’d stabbed himself. While he had self-harmed, his father was the one who made the start and the worst of the injuries that had nearly killed him and almost ruined the future we have now.