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The Stranger in Her Bed (Logger #2) by Janet Chapman Read Online (FREE)

The Stranger in Her Bed Read Online

Read The Stranger in Her Bed (Logger #2) by Janet Chapman full novel online for free here.

Chapter One

The man appeared out of nowhere, walking directly into the path of the loader Anna Segee was driving. She jerked the wheel to the right and hit the lever that lowered the forks, to drop her center of gravity, but she couldn’t stop the heavy load of logs from shifting. Tires screeched for purchase on the frozen ground as the loader skidded into the ditch, causing her cargo to scatter like giant toothpicks.

Anna barely had time to cover her head as she was tossed against the side of the cab, then down to the floor as the massive machine rolled onto its side with a jarring thud. A log crashed through the windshield, raining crystals of glass over her like hail as several more logs slammed into the cab with deafening bangs, drowning Anna’s scream in the chaos.

Then everything went suddenly still but for the rapping knock of the huge diesel engine. Anna cautiously lowered her arms. She was alive, apparently, and except for the throbbing pain in her right shoulder, she didn’t seem to be hurt. She reached over and turned the key in the ignition to put the beast out of its misery, hearing it cough once before it fell eerily silent. Anna closed her eyes, but couldn’t block out the image of the man’s horror when he had realized he was about to be crushed by several tons of logs and machinery.

Lord, that had been close.

Trembling with delayed shock and no small amount of anger, Anna twisted around the heavy log wedged in her seat and pushed at the door of the cab. It wouldn’t budge. Feeling the cold February air on her face, and realizing the side window had blown out as well, she banged her hard hat against the metal casing as she popped her head out and looked toward the loading ramp. The man she’d barely avoided was just picking himself off the ground, brushing a mixture of dirt, snow, and bark off his pants.

Anna grabbed the tire iron wedged behind the seat. A lumber mill was no place for idiots, and the stupid fool had nearly killed them both with his inattention. Using the tire iron to knock away what was left of the glass, Anna scrambled out the window and climbed to the ground. She waved away several men running toward her and stalked toward the idiot gaping at her, still hefting the tire iron. He took a step back as she advanced, held up his hands in supplication, and sheepishly grinned.

A log suddenly fell behind her. Anna turned just in time to see it roll off the loader, taking the headlights with it and forcing two men to jump out of the way to avoid being crushed. What a mess. The expensive loader was sitting on its side in the ditch, its cargo strewn around it like scattered bowling pins. And to her experienced eye, there were several thousand dollars’ worth of damage to the big rig.