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The Tempting of Thomas Carrick by Stephanie Laurens Read Online (FREE)

The Tempting of Thomas Carrick Read Online Free

Read The Tempting of Thomas Carrick (Cynster, #23) by Stephanie Laurens online for free here.



In Glasgow:

Carrick, Thomas – hero, nephew of Manachan Carrick

Hemmings, Quentin – Thomas’s maternal uncle

Hemmings, Winifred – Quentin’s wife, Thomas’s aunt-by-marriage

Hemmings, Humphrey – Quentin’s son, Thomas’s cousin

Andrea – Humphrey’s intended


Anglesey, Lady – a grande dame of Glaswegian society

Crawley, Lady Janet – a young lady of Glaswegian society

Vilbray, Miss – a young lady of Glaswegian society

Mack, Miss – a young lady of Glaswegian society


Manning, Mrs. – receptionist of Carrick Enterprises

Dobson – clerk of Carrick Enterprises


At Carrick Manor:

Carrick, Manachan, Laird Carrick, The Carrick – the head of the Carrick Clan

Carrick, Niall (deceased) – Manachan’s brother, Thomas’s father

Carrick, Katherine (deceased) – Niall’s wife, Thomas’s mother

Carrick, Nigel – Manachan’s eldest son, laird-elect of the clan

Carrick, Nolan – Manachan’s second son

Carrick, Niniver – Manachan’s third child and only daughter

Carrick, Norris – Manachan’s fourth child and youngest son


Ferguson – butler

Kennedy, Mrs. – housekeeper

Edgar – Manachan’s manservant

Gwen – cook

Burns, Joy – clan healer

Burns, Faith – senior maid

Sean – head stableman

Mitch – stableman

Fred – stableman

Watts, Alice – healer’s apprentice

Edge, Mrs. – previous clan healer


On the Carrick Estate:

Bradshaw – crop farmer

Bradshaw, Mrs. – Bradshaw’s wife

Forrester – crop and timber farmer, kin to Bradshaw

Forrester, Mrs. – Forrester’s wife

Egan – retired farmer and ex-kennel master living on the estate

Watts, the (family) – clan family including midwife


At Casphairn Manor:

Cynster, Lord Richard – Lucilla’s father

Cynster, Catriona, Lady Cynster, The Lady of the Vale – Lucilla’s mother

Cynster, Lucilla – heroine, twin to Marcus

Cynster, Marcus – Lucilla’s twin brother

Cynster, Annabelle – Lucilla’s younger sister

Cynster, Calvin – Lucilla’s younger brother

Cynster, Carter – Lucilla’s youngest brother


Algaria (deceased) – Catriona’s and Lucilla’s mentor, kin to Manachan

Polby – butler

Broome, Mrs. – housekeeper

Agnes – Lucilla’s apprentice

Matilda – Lucilla’s apprentice

Jenks – head stableman

Gatehouse, Mr. – sheep farmer


Visitors at the wedding include:

Cynster, Helena, Dowager Duchess of St. Ives – Lucilla’s paternal grandmother

Cynster, Lord Sebastian, Marquess of Earith – Lucilla’s cousin*

Cynster, Lord Michael – Lucilla’s cousin*

Cynster, Christopher – Lucilla’s cousin*

Cynster, Prudence – Lucilla’s cousin*

Rawlings, Antonia – Lucilla’s longtime friend

Cynster, Persephone – Lucilla’s cousin*

plus numerous other Cynsters


cousin*= term used loosely; their fathers are first cousins







April 1848



“Good morning, Mr. Carrick.”

Thomas looked up from furling his umbrella and smiled at Mrs. Manning, the middle-aged receptionist seated behind her desk to one side of the foyer of the Carrick Enterprises office.

Mrs. Manning held out a commanding hand. “Let me take that for you, sir.”

As the door to the stairwell swung closed behind him, Thomas strolled across and dutifully handed over the umbrella.

Mrs. Manning’s thin lips curved approvingly as she took it; despite her habitually stern demeanor, she had a soft spot for Thomas. The company offices occupied the front half of the first floor of a building on Trongate, close to the bustling heart of the city, and the widowed matron ruled over her empire with a firm but benign hand.