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The Upside of Unrequited (Simonverse #2) by Becky Albertalli Read Online (FREE)

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli Read Online

Read The Upside of Unrequited (Simonverse, #2) by Becky Albertalli online free here.




I’M ON THE TOILET AT the 9:30 Club, and I’m wondering how mermaids pee.

This isn’t random. There’s a mermaid Barbie attached to the door of the bathroom here. Which is a pretty odd choice for a bathroom mascot. If that’s even a thing. Bathroom mascots.

But the door opens, letting in a burst of music from the club. This is not a bathroom you can enter discreetly. A stall door clicks shut just as I’m opening mine. I step out.

There are mirrors above all the sinks. I suck in my cheeks so it looks like I have cheekbones. And it’s quite a transformation. Sometimes I have the idea that I could maintain this. I could spend the rest of my life gently biting the insides of my cheeks. Except for the fact that it makes my lips look weird. Also, biting your cheeks definitely gets in the way of talking, and that’s a little hardcore, even for me. Even for cheekbones.

“Shit.” There’s a voice from the stall, low and sort of husky. “Hey, can you hand me some toilet paper?”

She’s talking to me. It takes me a moment to realize that. “Oh! Sure.”

I grab a wad of it to pass under the girl’s door, and her hand brushes mine as she takes it. “Okay, you just saved my life.”

I saved a life. Right here in the bathroom of the 9:30 Club.

She flushes, and steps out of the stall, and the first thing I notice is her shirt: red cotton, with an awesomely artistic rendering of the letters G and J. I actually don’t think most people would recognize them as letters.

But I do. “That’s a Georgie James shirt.”

The girl raises her eyebrows, smiling. “You know Georgie James?”

“Yeah.” I smile back.

Georgie James. They were a local DC band, but they broke up years ago. You never really expect to meet anyone our age who’s heard of them, but my sister used to be obsessed.

The girl shakes her head. “That is awesome.”

“It is the awesomest,” I say, and the girl laughs—one of those quiet laughs that bubbles up from your throat. Then I really look at her. And oh.

She’s beautiful.

This girl.

She’s short and slender and East Asian, and her hair is such a dark shade of purple, it’s almost not purple. Thick-framed glasses. And there’s something about the shape of her lips. She has very well-defined lips.

Cassie would definitely be into her. The glasses, especially. And the Georgie James shirt.

“Anyway, thanks for saving my butt. Literally.” She shakes her head. “Okay, not my butt.”

I giggle. “It’s okay.”

“Thanks for saving my labia.”

I shrug and smile back at her. There’s just something about this kind of moment—this tiny thread connecting me to a total stranger. It’s the kind of thing that makes the universe feel smaller. I really love that.