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Truth or Dare (The Dominator, #2) by D.D. Prince Read Online (FREE)

Truth or Dare (The Dominator, #2) by D.D. Prince Read Online

Read Truth or Dare (The Dominator, #2) by D.D. Prince online free here.



Reading The Dominator before Truth or Dare is highly recommended.

It’s available from Amazon at

($2.99 USD or free to read with Kindle Unlimited)


Dario Ferrano:
Recently, my father died. He was a hardened criminal and duplicitous liar. He was also a known wise guy that was part of something larger and more evil than any of us realized. After he died I took it upon myself to legitimize and then sell the family business so that I and the rest of my siblings could move on.

But little did I know that before his death he’d started the ball rolling on giving me the same kind of gift he’d given my older brother. When news of this gift arrived on my doorstep my already chaotic world was turned on its axis.

I had just gotten home from my brother’s wedding and I had a to-do list longer than my arm. I told my brother I could handle most of it on my own; I had it under control. I had a few key guys to help me here. He could go, enjoy time with his new bride far away from home, away from secrets and lies and deceit. He’d been my idol and my best friend all my life and shouldering a lot for the last several years and I wanted to ease his burden. In our family he was the heir and I was the spare so I probably also wanted to prove that I was just as capable as he was.

So after the death of our father Tom Ferrano my brother Tommy and his new bride Tia were giving a go at starting a fresh life overseas, away from secrets that needed to be kept. My brother decided he needed to be out of sight for a while for a couple reasons.

I, however, was to be back home doing the “laundry” so that we could sell off the empire that my father had spent 30 years building. It was for the best. The empire extended to so many dark and dank areas it was better off for all of us to just start fresh. The kind of businesses he was in, though, made it so that we couldn’t just make a clean break. That’s why I was cleaning things up first.

Before my father died he arranged for my brother to get married, gifted him with a girl. After I saw the impact of that girl on my brother’s life I joked with him that I wanted a mail-order bride for my upcoming birthday, joked about it with emotions about my now sister-in-law that I should not ever have been feeling.

My father joked back that he was already shopping around and would find me a perfect fit. At least I’d thought he’d been joking. But when I got home from my brother’s wedding I found out that before Pop died he had gotten that ball rolling. He’d gotten things rolling in a way that could not be stopped and that was going to be a problem. A messy problem.