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Tyrell (Tyrell, #1) by Coe Booth Read Online (FREE)

Tyrell (Tyrell, #1) by Coe Booth Read Online

Read Tyrell (Tyrell, #1) by Coe Booth online free here.

When I pick Novisha up from school, she actin’ all weird and shit. I mean, she the one that called my cell this morning and told me she needed to talk. Then all the way to her place it’s like she wanna say something but don’t know how to tell me. So we just walk without saying a whole lot, which is alright ‘cause I got a lot on my mind anyway.

Novisha live in the Bronxwood Houses. I don’t mind walking her all this way ‘cause this place is still like my home even though we moved from here a couple years ago. Back in the day, these eight buildings was my whole world. I used to do some stupid shit ‘round here with my boys. But I don’t hardly get to hang with them no more. Not like I used to.

Matter of fact, I don’t even get to see Novisha everyday no more. Our buildings used to be right ‘cross the parking lot from each other. Now I gotta take two trains just to see her.

When we get to her building, I don’t really wanna go upstairs ‘cause I know her moms don’t work on Fridays, and she gonna be there making sure me and Novisha don’t do nothing. I mean, her moms is cool and everything. She always cooking stuff for me and sending me home with all kinds of food for my family, but I know she only doing it ‘cause she feel sorry for us.

When we get upstairs, not only is her moms there, but her pops is there too. He sitting at the kitchen table eating pork chops and rice like he live there. Like he ain’t walk out on them a couple years ago. Novisha moms is cleaning up the kitchen and watching some shopping show on TV. “Hi, Tyrell,” she say. “How’s everything? Your family hanging in there?”

“Yeah, Ms. Jenkins,” I say. “We doing okay. Hi, Mr. Jenkins.”

He kinda wave at me, mouth full of food. Asshole. A couple weeks ago I walked Novisha home and we heard him and her moms going at it in the bedroom all loud and shit. Then when he was done he just up and left like that was all he wanted. That and some good food.

“You hungry?” Ms. Jenkins ask me. But before I can even answer, she putting a ton of rice on a plate for me.

“Eat,” Novisha tell me. “I wanna change my clothes.” She go to this Catholic school and gotta wear this blue uniform with this short plaid skirt. It’s so goddamn sexy, but she hate it and can never wait to change outta it.

I’m so hungry I just sit there and eat the pork chop in like two bites, then wolf the rice down like I ain’t never ate nothing before. Meanwhile, Ms. Jenkins is just talking on and on ‘bout how me and my family need to stay close and keep our faith in God strong while we going through hard times. I nod every couple minutes so she think I’m really listening, but to be honest,  I’m really tired of everyone saying that. Like they know what we going through.