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Unbound (The Dominator, #2) by D.D. Prince Read Online (FREE)

Unbound (The Dominator, #2) by D.D. Prince Read Online

Read Unbound (The Dominator, #3) by D.D. Prince online free here.




I’ve got a whiteboard with pictures from Dario Ferrano’s wedding. I’ve got all the members of the family on the board. I’ve decided on a couple ways to get back at Tommy Ferrano for cutting me out of the Fete action. Things haven’t been good since my uncle died. A lot of people in Vegas are showing me disrespect and it has a lot to do with the fact that Ferrano refused to back Ben Goldberg’s club unless he cut me out of the action. Fete won’t get far off the ground if I have my way. And the people who get in my way always pay.

John Lewis will get his just desserts for siding with Ferrano. Maybe I’ll pick up his hot and horny wife and fuck that bitch with a switchblade. And the Ferrano family? The guy keeps his sweet young wife under lock and key but his sister, the widow, is a pretty young thing. She should fetch a decent ransom.

Or maybe she won’t be ransomed. Maybe she’ll fetch a price a different way.




I’m in the relationship game. I make strategic relationships that help me help my clients. Sometimes my clients aren’t the good guys.  Sometimes, like this time, I’m helping multiple sides with both good and evil traits at the same time.

The task force that hired and then later blackmailed me into getting involved in researching the ties between Tom Ferrano and a whack of human trafficking connections was pushing hard for me to get both Ferrano sons fully on board. I was having luck with one. But the other? Not so much.

I’d worked hard at earning their trust and it took time but I became friends with both of them.

I read people.

Dario is a good guy, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’s just 25 and he and wants out of the wiseguy grey area his family is in. He’ll go dark if need be, but deep down he wants to live clean.

He thinks strategically and can hold his shit together. He’s gonna be invaluable to the task force in bringing down the people in Kruna because he won’t let them see behind the mask he puts on for them. No one sees behind that mask unless he wants you to see it.

There are a lot of places just like Kruna. Always will be. The poor want money and rich that already have it? So what do they want?

They want power. The richer the average rich guy gets, the more he wants. Not because he needs more material shit but because it’s basic human nature to always aspire to having more. The super-rich people that Kruna are made up of and cater to are people with everything they need and want. It’s like some of them are so over-privileged, so entitled and out-of-touch, that they become monsters and use their money and their connections to live out their hedonistic fantasies and exert their power.