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We Own the Night (Radio Hearts #2) by Ashley Poston Read Online (FREE)

We Own the Night by Ashley Poston Read Online

Read We Own the Night (Radio Hearts #2) by Ashley Poston online free here.




SHOW #156


MAY 28th


NITEOWL: Good evening, my Owls, and welcome to Radio Niteowl on 93.5 KOTN. The phone lines are open and I’m raring to go! Tonight’s topic is forbidden love. Dun-dun! Got a tale to tell? A love you can’t quite articulate? Or are you on the other end of that unrequited affair? Just slide me a line at [number redacted] and—bless, two callers already! Holla, Caller One! You’re on the air. What’s your poison?

CALLER ONE: Yo, I’ve got this broha of mine. He’s had a run of bad luck. Our best friend died about a year ago.

NITEOWL: Oh no. I’m sorry.

CALLER ONE: Yeah, brah, it was bad. He hasn’t been the same since. I know he didn’t love her, right? But the man can’t seem to let her go. I’m just all twisted about this because he’s my brah, and I don’t know what to do. I’d go to jail for him, you know? I just want him to forgive himself. She loved him and . . . he never felt the same.

NITEOWL: So he feels guilty.

CALLER ONE: Yeah, brah.

NITEOWL: Hmm. You know, my grandmother always said that you can’t open new doors until the old ones close. If you keep them ajar, drafts’ll blow in and close any new door you want to open. Maybe he should confront his feelings. It’s been a year. Maybe he should try to close that door.

CALLER ONE: Shit, that’s it. You’re a genius. There’s a vigil coming up in July. If I can just trick him into going . . .

NITEOWL: A vigil? Hold on, who is your friend?

CALLER ONE: Thanks, broho!

NITEOWL: Wait! . . . Never mind. He’s gone. I hope your friend finds some peace of mind! Okay, Owls! What else do you have for me tonight? Here we go. Caller Two!

CALLER TWO: Oh—uh, hi. So . . . there’s this . . . there’s this girl.

NITEOWL: Good, good. I like where this is going. Much lighthearted. Very yes.


NITEOWL: You’ve got a nice laugh.

CALLER TWO: So do you. You know, for the radio. I mean, you’re probably very pretty too, I didn’t mean—

NITEOWL: So, about this girl . . . ?

CALLER TWO: Right! Yeah. She’s way outta my league. We’ve been friends for years, but she’s my best friend, you know? I’m not her best friend, she’s best friends with someone else, but she’s mine. Isn’t it funny how that works?

NITEOWL: Then she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

CALLER TWO: (laughs nervously) No, she doesn’t have eyes for me. Never has. But it never bothered me until I realized one day.

NITEOWL: That you love her?

CALLER TWO: It kinda hit me. Like a linebacker with a personal grudge against me. Anyway, point is, I like her and I don’t know how to tell her, and at this point I don’t think I should. After the summer, most of us are going away to college and she likes someone else . . .